List of motorcycles

Presently we have motorcycles from twelve countries

Engine CapacityMakeYearCountry
40CC Husqvana Auto Cycle 1952 Sweden
50CC Gitane testi corsifie' 1973  
50CC Guilietta 1965 Italy
50CC Flandria 1963 Belgium
50CC Cimatti 1971 + 1972 Italy
50CC Paloma 1969 France
50CC Rocvale 1972 Italy
50CC Gitane Testi 1972 France
50CC Benelli 1964 Italy
50CC Negrini 1968 Italy
50CC Malanca 1962 Italy
50CC Itom 1967 Italy
50CC Casal 1975 Portugal
50CC Hercules K50SE 1974 West Germany
50CC Malaguti 1972 Italy
50CC Garelli 1966 Italy
50CC Gloria Micromotor AMF Milano 1951 Italy
100CC James Cadet 1949 England
125CC Malanca 1980 Italy
125CC Puch 1967 Austria
125CC Motobecane 1977 France
125CC Villa 1987 Austria
125CC Bombardier 1971 Canada
125CC Casal 1975 Portugal
250CC Bultaco 1966 Spain
250CC Ossa Wildfire -- Race Bike 1968 Spain
250CC Harley Davidson golf buggy
(Road registered as a utility)
1968 USA
250CC Yvels French racing bike. 1921 France
250CC Jawa 1949 czechoslovakia
250CC French racing bike. 1927 France
250CC Montessa Impala. 1981 Spain
350CC Jawa 1955 Czechoslovakia
350CC Aermacchi 1969 Italy
350CC Cossack 1972 Russia
500CC Laverda Monjuic 1979 Italy
750CC Honda Automatic 1977 Japan
750CC Moto Guzzi S3 1975 Italy
850CC Moto Guzzi MK1 Lemans 1976 Italy
1000CC Laverda Jota 1981 Italy

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